OnePlus 12 Review – Phone of the Year ALREADY?

OnePlus, a renowned player in the smartphone arena, has unleashed its latest flagship device – the OnePlus 12. Packed with an array of enhancements over its predecessor, this smartphone aims to redefine user expectations. Let’s delve into the key features, performance, and potential trade-offs that the OnePlus 12 brings to the table.

OnePlus 12 Review: A Giant Leap in Innovation

+ Wireless Charging Returns– No AI Features at Launch
+ Sharper 3x Periscope Camera– Underexposed Low Light Photos
+ Bright, High-Contrast Display
+ Responsive Performance
+ Price is Basically the Same

One of the most significant upgrades in years, the OnePlus 12 cements OnePlus as a formidable competitor against industry giants like Apple and Samsung. Packed with cutting-edge features, it brings a larger display, triple cameras with an enhanced 3x periscope camera, the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, and rapid 80W wired charging. Notably, wireless charging makes a return, and there’s even an IR blaster – all this, while maintaining a price point that aligns with its predecessor.

In conclusion, the OnePlus 12 emerges as a beacon of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what a flagship smartphone can offer. With an array of impressive features and a competitive price, it stands as a strong contender in the ever-evolving smartphone market.

OnePlus 12: Technical Specifications

Design and BuildChrome rail, matte marble texture, glossy marble camera section, textured casing for smudge prevention
Display120Hz QHD+ display, new pixel structure, peak brightness of 4500 nits, LTPO 3.0 technology
Battery and Charging5400mAh battery, 50W wireless charging, 100W wired charging, reverse wireless charging
PerformanceSnapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, minimum 256GB ultra-fast storage, 12GB ultra-fast RAM, Trinity Engine software
Gaming and Thermal ManagementSecondary co-processor for gaming, vapor chamber, aerospace-grade thermal performance gel, hyper rendering, adaptive frame boosting
Connectivity360° antennas for 5G and Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth 5.4
Camera SystemRear cameras with good hardware, color consistency; Front camera with mediocre performance
Pricing$799, trade-in offer available

The OnePlus 12 stands out as a flagship device, boasting an attractive design, high-quality display, robust battery with efficient charging, and powerful performance. While its camera system may not lead the market, the overall package offers excellent value, especially considering the trade-in offer that aligns the pricing with its predecessor. The OnePlus 12 demonstrates OnePlus’s commitment to delivering a compelling smartphone experience.

OnePlus 12 Benchmark Scores: A Performance Breakdown

BenchmarkOnePlus 12iPhone 15 ProGalaxy S23 Ultra
Geekbench943 (Single-Core) / 4,859 (Multi-Core)2,890 (Single-Core) / 7,194 (Multi-Core)1,396 (Single-Core) / 4,882 (Multi-Core)
3DMark Wild Life Unlimited117.2 fps / 19,57294.3 fps / 15,74787 fps / 14,611
Adobe Premiere Rush video transcoding0:59 (Minutes:Seconds)0:25.5 (Minutes:Seconds)0:40 (Minutes:Seconds)

Performance Overview:
The OnePlus 12 showcases impressive benchmark scores across various performance metrics, highlighting its capabilities in processing power, graphics rendering, and video transcoding. These scores position the OnePlus 12 competitively against industry counterparts, such as the iPhone 15 Pro and the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Whether handling intensive tasks or delivering smooth graphics performance, the OnePlus 12 proves its mettle in the highly competitive smartphone landscape.

Design and Build:
The OnePlus 12 showcases a sleek design with a chrome rail, matte marble texture, and a distinctive glossy marble camera section. Noteworthy is the textured casing that not only enhances the device’s aesthetics but also prevents unsightly smudges. The inclusion of an alert slider and a water-resistant design featuring Aqua Touch technology adds practicality and durability to the overall build.

Display Brilliance:
At the heart of the OnePlus 12 is its impressive 120Hz QHD+ display. Boasting a new pixel structure for improved contrast and readability, the screen can achieve a maximum brightness of 4500 nits. The integration of LTPO 3.0 technology ensures precise refresh rate scaling, and PWM dimming at low brightness levels enhances visual performance.

Battery and Charging Mastery:
With a robust 5400mAh battery, the OnePlus 12 ensures extended usage without compromising on performance. The device supports 50W wireless charging and a staggering 100W wired charging speed. Reverse wireless charging adds a layer of convenience, making this smartphone a reliable companion with efficient power replenishment.

Performance Dominance:
Fueled by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, the OnePlus 12 delivers swift and responsive performance. Boasting a minimum configuration of 256GB ultra-fast storage and 12GB ultra-fast RAM, it is well-equipped for multitasking and demanding applications. The Trinity Engine software facilitates efficient communication between phone layers, optimizing both performance and battery life.

Gaming Excellence and Thermal Management:
Designed with gamers in mind, the OnePlus 12 features a secondary co-processor for improved hyper rendering and adaptive frame boosting. The large vapor chamber and aerospace-grade thermal performance gel contribute to effective heat dissipation. Extensive heat dissipation areas across both the front and back ensure optimal temperature control during prolonged usage.

Connectivity Superiority:
The OnePlus 12 boasts 360° antennas for 5G and Wi-Fi, supporting Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 5.4. This robust connectivity suite ensures fast and reliable network access, catering to the increasing demands of a connected lifestyle.

Camera System Insights:
While the rear camera system shines with good hardware and color consistency, the front camera has been termed as mediocre. Some users have reported issues with real-time processing and video stabilization. Despite these concerns, the OnePlus 12’s camera setup holds its ground, offering a satisfactory imaging experience.

Pricing and Value Proposition:
With a starting price of $799, the OnePlus 12 positions itself as a compelling option in the flagship smartphone market. A trade-in offer further sweetens the deal, potentially reducing the cost to match its predecessor.

The OnePlus 12 emerges as a standout flagship device, combining an attractive design with potent performance and impressive charging capabilities. While the camera system may not outshine some competitors, the overall package makes the OnePlus 12 an appealing choice. For users prioritizing display quality, battery endurance, and snappy performance, the OnePlus 12 stands tall as a smartphone worthy of consideration in 2024.

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