MediaTek or Snapdragon – Which one is better and why?

Two companies dominate the market for smartphone processors: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and MediaTek’s Helio. MediaTek and Snapdragon are both popular chipset manufacturers, with Snapdragon generally being considered better for high-end devices and gaming, while MediaTek offers more affordable options with better power efficiency.

It can be difficult to choose between the processors offered by the two firms because they both cater to a wide variety of devices, from entry-level to high-end.

To assist you in making an informed choice, we will now present a detailed review of both CPUs, outlining their advantages and disadvantages.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon

Starting with the Snapdragon line of CPUs from Qualcomm, they are usually regarded as the best ones on the market.

They are well-known for their excellent performance, power efficiency, and cutting-edge features and are found in the majority of high-end and flagship smartphones.

High clock speeds and numerous cores are made possible by the cutting-edge manufacturing process used to create Snapdragon CPUs.

Additionally, they have an integrated Adreno GPU that offers excellent graphics performance. For instance, the most recent Snapdragon 888 supports 5G and delivers a noticeable increase in CPU and GPU performance over its predecessor.

Snapdragon processors’ compatibility for cutting-edge features like Quick Charge, which enables faster charging times, and Snapdragon Elite Gaming performances, which enhances gaming, is one of their key advantages.

A built-in AI engine is another feature of Snapdragon processors, allowing for more effective performance in activities like image processing and natural language processing.

MediaTek’s Helio

In contrast, MediaTek’s Helio processors are well known for being affordable and are frequently seen in low-cost and midrange smartphones.

They have a built-in Mali GPU and provide a decent blend of performance and power economy. For instance, the most recent Helio G95 boasts a 120Hz refresh rate and delivers a substantial increase in CPU performance over its predecessor.

One of MediaTek’s Helio CPUs’ key advantages is its affordability, which enables manufacturers to provide less expensive smartphones without sacrificing performance. Additionally, they have exceptional power efficiency, which lengthens battery life.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Vs MediaTek – Pros And Cons

  • The latest mid-range chipsets from MediaTek are excellent for gaming and other workloads.
  • Smartphones with MediaTek chipsets cost a little less than those with Snapdragon processors.
  • The battery optimisation on Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors is typically a little better.
  • For the majority of SoCs, MediaTek continues to withhold the Kernel source code from the general public.
  • Most programmes are fully optimised for Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipsets, although MediaTek lags somewhat behind.
  • Adreno is Qualcomm Snapdragon’s own internally tuned GPU.
  • Smartphones using Qualcomm Snapdragon processors cost a little more money.


Customers feel that the Snapdragon processors, especially in high-end handsets, have a modest performance advantage over MediaTek’s Helio CPUs overall.

But MediaTek’s CPUs can deliver a high level of performance, particularly in the mid-range and low-cost categories. Snapdragon processors typically provide superior performance and support for more sophisticated gaming features when it comes to gaming. The majority of games are supported and operate well on MediaTek CPUs as well.

Both processors have a strong battery life and are quite equivalent in terms of power efficiency. However, it’s thought that Snapdragon CPUs, especially in high-end handsets, offer slightly greater power efficiency.

Both the Snapdragon and Helio CPUs from Qualcomm and MediaTek provide a variety of features and capabilities that make them suited for various device kinds.

Snapdragon-High-end and flagship smartphones frequently have Snapdragon CPUs, which are widely regarded as the best processors on the market. They provide excellent performance, power-saving capabilities, and cutting-edge features like quick charging and Snapdragon Elite Gaming.

MediaTek’s Helio processors are regarded as being cost-effective and are frequently seen in low-cost and mid-range smartphones. They are an excellent option for individuals looking for more reasonably priced devices without sacrificing performance because they offer a decent blend of performance and power economy.

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